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My engine got here fine just as planned and on time. 👍🏼
The engine you provided is top notch ~ wonderful.
My mechanic said he can tell a lot about the quality of a new engine by how it sounds when its first started. He said your engine just purred.
From the drivers /my end; my new engine is so quiet that now I hear all the ORHER noises my car makes, [the heat shield vibrating on the manifold (my mechanic welded that)] – but as far as the new engine: it zips along, runs so smooth, is very responsive and quiet! Beautiful work.thank you!
Your Buisness is aptly named~ Kar King.

Kelli Moran


George is excellent to work with! Since we built trust in our
transactions, confirmed that I could not go anywhere else for my
future engine/transmission needs! They care to take the time to ensure
you have all you need off the old engine before the delivery guy leaves!

D. Guthrie, Oxnard, Ca


Really honest guy. Bought an engine from him about 2 mounths ago still running strong no issuse with it.I strongly recommened him for improted cars and all. In the furtrue i would go to him for more buissness.

Nick Veganovic

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Bought a qr25de long block from them almost a year ago today, 20k on the engine & a year later and works perfectly. George is a cool guy and his prices are unmatched! He even waived my core charge at the time and had my engine here in just over a week. I have referred him plenty in my Nissan group and will continue to do so!

Omar Rivera

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Bought a re-manufactured 5 speed manual transmission for my 1988 Toyota Pickup 4×4 from Kar King at a very fair price. George has been very timely and responsive from day one, answering my questions and closing the sale. Shipping from SoCal to NC was surprisingly fast and seamless. Transmission external appearance and a glimpse inside thru various ports re-build appeared clean. Transmission is now installed and with 150 miles on it, all appears to be good, no complaints. Time will tell. No reason not to rate overall as a “5”. Please share this with your crew.

Hill Billy

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Best price and quality of trans I found for my vehicle in the country. Shipping was fast and they were easy to get ahold of. 10/10 I will buy from them again.

Timothy Lyons

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Excellent price for rebuild, came quickly, clean rebuild excellent customer service

-Cheryl E from California

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I have 1991 Stealth R/T TT that came to me with blown engine….Just figuring out what all got damaged internally would had ran me in the 500’s so after a year of savings, I knocked on the door of Karking and they answered me with a 3.0 V6 rebuilt beast I’m happily taming the street with right now..Thank you Karking and all the effects put in helping me with my project…and best if wishes to anyone chooses Karking for all their automotive need…Junior aka Ozeki

-Ozeki from Southern California

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My transmission went out. I called around and either did not like the price or was told that my clutch would probably have a problem with it as well. Some mechanics told me that there was no way that my transmission situation would have affected my clutch. I just had my clutch replaced (manual) 4 months ago. The shop that completed that work assured me that my transmission was fine. Therefore, I searched for my transmission, which is not readily available any longer and foreign. I found it at Kar King. They offered to put it in for me and give me a core credit. The price was excellent. Also, they picked it up from the shop I had left it at and was not going to do with. I was in my car the next day and it sounds and drives perfectly. I was treated kindly and professionally by the mechanic on the phone and in person. I will not put the price I paid because there will probably be different prices depending on the make and model. If I need work done again, I will go back. It is 25 years since I have been able to say that about a mechanic’s shop.

-Em from Southern California

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Recently the transmission went out in my 1991 Geo Metro. This was the original transmission and lasted through 3 engine changes approx. 500,000+ mi. I drove the till it did not move and had to be towed home. In searching for a new transmission I found Kar KingAuto through their listing on eBay. The price $800.00 appeared to be an excellent price for a rebuilt transmission. After the order was placed and payment cleared, I received the transmission in about 3 days (Northern Ca.). I felt that this was fast shipping. The transmission was well packaged and for transit. I have installed the transmission and it works GREAT !!!!! Up shifting and down shifting is nice and smooth and the vehicle is quieter then I’ve ever heard it before. The vehicle runs like a new car. Thank you Kar King Auto. I would highly recommend this company if you are in the market for a rebuilt trans.

-Keith from Northern California

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The reason I have waited so long to post my review is I wanted to wait and see how things were after the 6 they give with their work expired. It has now been around 7 or 8 months since I purchased a motor and transmission from Kar King and they are running just fine. I would recommend this company to anybody that wants quality work without the inflated price tag. Before Kar King I was quoted $5900.00 from one shop (that was just for the motor w/warranty) and $3700.00 from another (used motor w/o warranty). Since these prices were way out of my price range, I decided to shop around and found Kar King. Not only did I get a new rebuilt motor (with a warranty) I also picked up a rebuilt transmission. I figured might as well do them both since the tranny had around 140,000 miles on it as well and had to be pulled out with the motor (easiest way to do it). The price for motor and trans was $2750.00!!!! Nobody else could even touch this price! Another nice thing about George and his crew is they stand behind their work. Long story short, there was a slight discrepancy concerning the transmission and it had to be sent back to Kar King. I called George and informed him of this. Kar King paid for all the shipping to and from their shop in California. Not only that but when they took another look at it he informed me of a different, more serious problem with my transmission. At this point he called me to let me know what was going on, that they had fixed it and was sending it back with a trans cooler…. OF CHARGE! So to sum it up I think the guys at Kar King do a great job so don’t bother looking anywhere else.

A very satisfied customer

-Brian Symons

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We have a 1987 Dodge Raider that needed the transmission rebuilt. We are from Eastern Washington and couldn’t find anyone to work on it or find parts.  We found Kar King online and called. We talked to George.  He was so helpful and talked with us about what he could do for us. 
We shipped our transmission to them to get rebuilt. Within days we had it back. Our Raider runs better than ever. We saved not only time with their speedy turn around but they beat everyone on price on we saw. Professional, courtesy,  prompt service.  Thankyou!

-Royce from Washington

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Was looking for a 5spd transmission for my 86 ram 50 4×4  when I stumbled across Kar King.  A local shop here in kansas wouldnt even return my call and I got a of 2 grand from another shop.  The one they listed having on web site was already sold but George assured me he would have a transmission to me in 2 to 3 weeks. $750 TOTAL and 2 weeks to the day  I received my transmission. Inside the box it came in was the boxes of all the new parts they put in the transmission.  I am super pleased.. George and Kar King just earned all my transmission and transfer case business.  All I see is quality workmanship, great people and at a very good price. You owe it to yourself to atleast give George a call to earn business, I’m so very glad I did

-Randy D from Kansas

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After 306,000 miles my Toyota Tacoma 3RZ FE lost Compression. I searched around and nobody came close to the Kar King Price. I spoke with George and he had a Long Block in. Replace a few other Item while I had the engine out. The machine work was incredible engine fired right up. Hoping for another 300,000 Miles. Great People!

-Tim Paulsen from Kansas

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 Best place to get your engine. They were quick and provide excellent products and service.

-Chris Betts from California

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I bought an AX-15 transmission for a Jeep Wrangler. The product was shipped quickly and was exactly as described. I also called to ask some questions during and George was very knowledgeable. If anyone I know needs a new transmission for their Jeep I will definitely recommend Kar King Auto!

-Nick Moore

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I ordered a 2.2L engine for my 1999 S-10 pick-up. I installed the engine myself so I became very well acquainted with this engine.

I did not have any issues with the install. The engine was painted and in great condition, ready to assemble. I took particular care, cleaning and painting the components as I installed them. Every tapped hole was clear and in perfect condition.

The engine fired right up! I have a 1500 mile break-in period were I will check the fluids often. It runs and performs great. I am very please with this purchase.

-Allen Swift in Tennessee 

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I took my smoking rattling 2010 Toyota Highlander with 69,000 miles to my local mechanic to see what the problem was. He diagnosed a complete engine rebuild ($7,000 total cost). It just didn’t seem right.
I did my research and found Kar King. I called George. We took the car in expecting to need a new engine, George did his tests and found that the car had several problems related to engine sludge) that all created the smoking. The total repair was $1,700. Obviously we are very happy.

-Vic Ulrich in California

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My daughter blew the engine in her Scion TC.  Through a friend of hers, we got in contact with George at Kar King Auto.  Although we live over 50 miles from Ontario, I took a leap of faith because of George’s professionalism and kindness over the phone, and had the car towed to to his shop.  Throughout the process of replacing her motor, George kept in phone contact and had her car fixed even faster than we had expected for the exact price he had quoted.  I am very happy and satisfied with every aspect of doing business with Kar King Auto.  

-Debra Lee in California

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Kar King came through with a mitsubishi Evo Transfer Case that I could not find any where else. The price was good and the service was great. George was the person who helped me. He was knowledgeable and prompt with his answers and service. Thank you kar King Auto!

-Robert T. in California

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I bought a engine from them for my eclipse and I am very happy with it. The price was great and so is the product. George was very helpful and profession he made the purchase go smooth and delivered my engine to shop who installed exactlywhenhe would. I highly recommend them and will use them again if I ever need to.

-Celia Ojeda St Germain  in California

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George was most helpful with the transmission we bought for a Geo Metro. He is friendly, prompt and very knowledgeable. Will be dealing with him again for an engine next time! Thank you Gentlemen it was a pleasure doing business with you!

-Heidi Watson in Pennsylvania

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Kar Kings is the only place our charity does business with, they are AMAZING! 
Kids Cures Foundation in Beaumont Ca. kidscures.org cares for children with medical needs. One of our vital programs is called Cure Mobiles we drive children to and from the medical treatments. One of our transport vehicles motor went out I called many repair shops prior to hearing about Kar Kings when I called George he walked me through the repair, pricing, and warrany policy our Board of Directors where so impressed we went with Kar Kings and we could not be happier. 
Thank you George and Team Kar Kings for making sure our little patients arrive safe and sound! They are the BEST in So Cali

-Kids Cures Foundation in California

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If it weren’t for karking auto helping me out with my engine at reasonable price.I wudnt have a car today. Thank you very much for your great customer service. George n lady in charge of shipping . Thumbs up to your prompt responses and service.

-Elida Zertuche in California

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I ordered a re-man manual trans. For my Toyota Celica GT from George. My trans arrived when he said it would be here both my mechanic and I couldn’t believe how good it looked. I have about 1600 miles on it now and I couldn’t be happier. The best price I found was with Kar King and here in Ohio every one wanted 3x the price for a re man and a used trans was out of the ? Since everyone I found was a ridiculous price with a ridiculous amount of miles I refer everybody I know to them. Great work for awesome price keep up the good work.

-Travis Frost in Ohio

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Ordered a 4g63t for my dsm. Was delivered quick and motor is 550 miles strong so far. Only issue I have is the included gaskets and timing belt are horrible quality. I did not use those. But motor itself runs great.

-Roberto Carbajal in California

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Had a rebuilt 1zz engine put in my Toyota MR-2. George was great with everything. Price was right and even replaced the clutch I provided for free. I also had some special requests for engine that George took care of no problem.  After getting my car back I drove it back to my home in San Francisco without a problem and the engine continues to run perfect. Nearing the first 1000 miles and my car feels brand new again. If you need an engine replaced at fair price from some honest guys I highly recommend Kar King. I’m giving this shop four stars only because of a minor over site on their end. My rear tires are only meant to spin in one direction.  Upon getting my car I didn’t notice that the tires had been reversed as in the tire meant for the right side was on the left and vice versa. After driving nearly 500 miles home the tread was not in good condition. Other than that, like I said before the car runs flawlessly. Thanks Kar King!

-Jeff S. in California

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I purchased a new motor and had Kar King and they installed it for me. Very fast service on the removal and replacement of the motor. The price was very competitive compared to used motor’s ( Kar Kings motor is all new with a warranty). At 10,000 miles on the new motor I had a difficulty with the cooling system and thought i damaged the motor. Another mechanic told me there was a blown head gasket and was insisting to rebuild the motor .When I called George he was very helpful and was willing to work with me to repair the engine. When I brought the car to George he tested and said there was nothing wrong with the motor, He recommended to change the radiator which i did not do when i had the motor replaced,By the way the car has 250,000 miles on it so the radiator was due to be changed. George changed the radiator for me and retested the motor for me while i watched and there was no problems. The vehicle is running great. I want to personally thank George for his willingness to help me and provide a friendly and positive customer service to me. His technician who performed the block test was very cordial and friendly. I thank Kar King and will recommend them to anyone anytime as a top notch facility. THANK YOU George ..

-Brad Nottingham in California

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Live in GA and had a 94 Toyota Tercel rebuilt engine sent to me from George. The cost of the shipping (reasonable) was easily offset by the awesome quality of the engine. My master mechanic buddy could not believe it. He told me I had to buy a bunch of belts and gaskets, but it wound up having them. The car runs better than it did when it was new (I bought it new 20 yrs ago). It is actually a higher performance engine and drives like charm. Wow. Thanks Kar King Auto. Folks, you get more than what you pay for with this business!!

-Charles DePreker



I  recentlypurchased a rebuilt transmission /transfer case from George at KAR KING AUTO and saved  several hundred dollars for my classic  91Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 . George is a true professional cares about his customers and does what it takes to help motorists with car parts needed that are often hard to find. I highly recommend doing business with this man for he has proven to be honest, caring And concerned about customer needs. Any future parts needed by me will result in dealing with  George Martin at  Kar King


San Antonio, TX


We got my Nissan Xterra engine replaced at Kar King because they had the best Price/Warranty combination. I am SO glad we did, because George has been the prince of honesty and good workmanship.  1. He kept to the deadlines he set, and stayed in touch on the car’s progress. 2. He listened to all our concerns, and stood behind his repairs. 3. Every time he dealt with us it was with a smile (that is huge).  We will definitely go back to George and Kar King again, hopefully not with an ailing family car, but with fun project cars, and donuts!  Thank you George!  Ken and Chris

-Christine C

San Diego, CA


Awesome service!  The transfer case in my ’04 Evo 8 blew and the least expensive quote I found was $2300 and up to 4 weeks turn around. George responded to all my questions almost imediately and was very knowledgeable – Kar King did it for me for $1600 and it was done (shipped to Kar King and returned) in less than a week!  Excellent job, great price, great service. I highly recommend Kar King to anyone!


-Robert W.

Modesto, CA




Ordered a 4cyl Toyota long block from KK and it arrived undamaged despite some shipping problems. Did a swap, used all new maintenance parts, belts, thermostat, fuel filter, hoses, plugs, wires, gaskets from KK. Fired engine up after 3 revs of the starter motor and it runs like a dream. Runs smooth as can be even without the balancer assembly from Toyota in the oil pan. No leaks, no issues, very clean rebuild. Would not hesitate ordering future engines from Kar King. Great service, excellent quality and prompt delivery. Compared to the price of a “pulled” engine from a junk yard, its clearly worth the extra few $ for the warranty and a new engine with 0 miles.!!

-Drew Lucca




Kar King provided an estimate to me in writing and then gave me a time line for the expectation of completion for my motor. They picked up the car from my home. They confirmed the issue, and provided me the timely estimate. Once I accepted they matched everything they promised in getting the parts required and putting it all together at the scheduling agreed upon time. Thank you George and Your Team for taking care of Business!!! I highly recommend this place!!!

-Leland Warner




 Almost 7 years ago, I had the misfortunate of blowing a piston in my engine of my Toyota Celica. Desperate to find the highest quality with the best price point, I surfed the web and found Kar King in California. Once I called and spoke to George, I realized that I was dealing with a reputable company that was willing to work with me on helping me out of a stressful situation and not breaking the bank. Living across the US in Wisconsin, Kar King sent me the rebuilt engine in only 2 days and then I received a call from George on the day of delivery, confirming the rebuilt engine was delivered as promised. Further, George followed up with me to ensure the engine was installed and my expectations were meant.

A month ago, in the same car, the transmission went out. I remembered the great service I received previously and gave Kar King a call to see if they could indeed, provide the lowest price and highest quality of a rebuilt tranny. When I called Kar King, it was truly a pleasure to hear George’s voice when I called after 7 years and know that he would go the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction! I received the same outstanding service and lowest price as I did years previously. After installation, the car was running like a brand new car! Thank you again George!

It was a impressive experience to work with a man of great integrity to assist me in getting my vehicle in tip top running shape again. I would highly recommend George and Kar King! Thank you George!

-Linda Calabro




Bought a transmission for my son’s 93′ Ford Ranger and shipping was free. We live in Ohio and our local auto parts store wanted $1000 plus for a rebuilt tranny. $700 and 4 shipping days later it was here. The tranny had a bad 5th gear and Kar King replaced it with no hesitation. Very easy company to deal with and friendly staff with constant communication. I will definitely look to these guys again when a transmission is needed. Thanks Kar King,

-Thadd Holdren

Kingston, Ohio



Thank you George!  
After a HORRIBLE experience in another shop, I was bounced around from each place I called after, with OUTRAGEOUS price quotes and estimates on a new/rebuilt transmission.  No one could give me a STRAIGHT answer on a Reasonable price or Time frame.  (Each shop would tell me they would have to Open it up, then it could be more, etc.) Most shops wanted money up front to start job 🙁

I called Kar King,  and George was straight up, gave me a SET price, which was much lower than other quotes i received.  He didn’t waste any time, He got started right away and called me back when the job was done and I didn’t even have to keep calling to ask him the status!  
I appreciate how Kar King was very Honest , courteous, and quick!  They were very professional, and did an excellent job on replacing my transmission.  I would HIGHLY recommend to many more , and if i was ever in need of other repairs or parts, I would absolutely go back! 🙂

Thank you Kar King!
God Bless 

-Wendy Hernandez

Victorville, CA


I had an excellent business experience with Kar King. I had a very unfortunate situation involving an incompetent transmission shop in Prescott, AZ and my 01′ Toyota Rav4. Kar King went absolutely above and beyond to rectify a very expensive problem. These guys are professional, proficient, knowledgeable, and honest.

-Reverend Pope

Prescott, AZ



GREAT WORK!!! I called 8 different transmission places and by far KAR KING AUTO gave me the best price. About $800-$1100 cheaper than everyone else. DID AN AMAZING JOB!! My car is running like a champ. I will definitely refer KAR KING to my family and friends for great auto repair. I don’t usually write reviews but this was well deserved. George from Kar King was upfront and honest. That is hard to find now a days. THANK YOU!

-Vanessa Sanchez

Rancho Cucamonga, CA



Purchased a transmission for an 84 Toyota truck and George at Kar King was great to deal with and very helpful. I mail ordered this part and was a bit concerned of what I might see in the box when it arrived…well there were no dissappointments! The transmission looked fantastic and after installing it I was 100% pleased with the transmission. I worked with George to get round trip shipping up front which worked perfectly and UPS came right to the door to pick up the old one. I was notified by UPS when my core arrived and Kar King had the core charge back to me in no time. Can’t say enough good things about George and Kar King…I will definitely go to them again in the future.

-Paul M.

Flintville, TN



The engine was pretty awesome and all ready to put in, started right up and the car drives great now. Customer service was awesome too, George was always ready to answer the phone and emails :Thumbs up:

-Raven M.

Topeka, KS


3FOR3 WITH KAR KING. We Are a repair shop in COLORADO.Have Bought and Installed two ENGINES and TRANSMISSION. NO PROBLEMS! FAIR PRICES! SHIPPING IS ON TIME Same WITH CORE PICK Up. George is very helpful.. will be doing business again!

-Boulder Import Motors

Boulder, CO


I have had excellent luck with the good folks at Kar King.  Five years ago my Toyota Corolla threw a rod after 159,000 miles and they were able to provide me with a very reasonably-priced used engine (60,000 miles), which kept it going for another 100,000 miles.  When that engine finally wore out earlier this year I searched for over a month for a replacement.  I ended up back at Kar King, this time for a freshly rebuilt engine.   Believe me, no other establishment could even touch their price.

George was even kind enough to provide me with a “return customer” discount, which was greatly appreciated. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Kar King and would definitely use them again. Their prices are extremely fair and their service is prompt and courteous.  

Thanks to them my little 1998 Toyota is still on the road, rocking and rolling.

-Anita Holguin
 A Satisfied Customer



When the intermediate shaft bearing on my 97 Nissan pickup 5 speed transmission started to fail I searched Car-Parts.com for a used transmission. Apparently, this is a popular transmission because very few were available and and none were available at a reasonable price. A search on the internet brought me to Kar King. They not only had the transmission I needed but at an unbeatable price. I ordered a rebuilt transmission and it arrived on my doorstep in about a week. Two months after I installed the transmission I got a call from Kar King asking how the transmission was performing. The transmission is super quiet and shifts flawlessly. I really appreciated the call. Very impressive that they cared enough about their product to place a follow up call. 

-Tom Shirk

 Poulsbo, WA



Just wanted to say i got great personal service and the transmission i got for my samurai works great ………..at a great price…….thanks ……… i will recommend you to all i see

-John Cash

  Westplains, MO



BEST Transmition Motor Shop in SoCal.!!!!!!!! Blew my engine & it was dead!!!! Shopped around to get it rebuilt or get another motor. Everyone quoted me such a high price I was just going to trade it in not running for a new car. But one of the owners George found a low mileage engine local. Great price for the low mileage engine & installation!!! They came to my home & picked it up with there own tow truck. (Didn’t have to pay to get it to them) Very proffesional driver. I helped load it up & in a few DAYS later I get the call from George at Kar King Auto to come pick it up. If I could give them more than 5 Stars I would. I would DEFINATLY recommend them to all my friends and family. If you need a Transmition or Motor work besure to give these guys a call. Or you can call someone else and get screwed!!!!

-Gary Mizuhara  

  Alta Loma, CA



I recently had to have my engine rebuilt on my 1997 Mitsubishi Montero. I was referred to Kar King from a friend of a friend. The entire experience from start to finish was exceptional. 
I know there are many variables in pricing, so each case is different but for me, I was quoted $1000 less than other quotes and that included them coming to pick up my car with their tow truck. During the time they were working on my car they noticed a crack in the exhaust manifold. They called the dealer and got the part for me, and put it on for no extra cost, just cost of the part. And had it all done in about 2 weeks. I then need a smog and was in a bind for time (son’s graduation) so they actually took it over to the smog shop and dropped it off for me, so that I could pick it up when it was more convenient and it didn’t hold me up on getting my car complete.
I would very much so recommend this shop to everybody I know. I will always start with Kar King when i need anything done to my car. They are not kidding when they say their customer service is 2nd to none, and you do feel ROYAL as a Kar King customer. 

Other things that were great: George is awesome, very communicative, easy to get a hold of him via phone or email. I love the email aspect, You really feel like they have not lost the aspect of how to treat a customer right in this age when alot of places just don’t pay attention to customer service.

Now the important part, the engine. My car started right up, and runs amazing! Their warranty seems comparable to other shops in the same field. 

All and all…..AMAZING!!! A very positive stand out experience. In my 20 years of driving this is the best mechanic experience I have ever had. Check them out, definitely go to them, you will not be disappointed.

-Julie Irvin



I am a mechanic and I R&R transmissions time to time. But I refer people to Kar-King . They can rebuild and install cheaper and they do a quality install no short cuts. All my customers are pleased with there work. I hate to send work away from me but when I know they do awesome work.

-Gary Gilbert



11mo later.  I have about 3000k miles on my VG30 that I got from Kar King. I have done long road trips and short ones. I am 100% satisfied with the start to finish transaction with these guys. I had my mechanic install the motor and my he told me that these guys were top notch when they spoke about the build before I bought. The quality is there, customer service was on point. Great shop. I will use these guys again if any of my other toys need a new motor.


Devan C.

Sneads Ferry, NC



George was the best, he gave me the best customer service and prompt shipment. Will continue to do busines with them.


Burgess Kaneko










first of all i will say that george took care of buisness with my wifes 01lexas rx 300, transmission wentout and i removed it and made some calls and couldnt find not even a used one for under 900 dlrs,well i wasnt comfortable in the first place putting a used one in it in the first place, well point being, george talk to me on the phone about a few weeks prior, 4 one he remembered who i was from that prior call, and didnt change what he had said the first time, he made me a deal that i couldnt refuse lol, bottom line he ended up putting a trans from his stock in the car and the price was exsallent, bieng that he did the install and everything it was like i said, a deal i couldnt say no too, plus my wife couldnt be happier, the price he gave me on phone was the price he stuck to when car got picked up, also it was done before the time he said it would be, one more thing we were impresd with is when he got the car there wasnt much gas in it to test drive, well he also put gas not charging us a dime more, with these gas prices we were real surprised! so with that being said, thanx again big time george! your my wifes hero btw lol, keep up the good work big guy,


John Ruiz




I just hit 30K on my QR25DE runs excellent. Thanks again fellas!!


Chad Yeager





First, a real person answers the phone. The owner, no less, and George cuts right to the chase without any fuss, sales pitch or detours. I am not put on hold or made to listen to soul-killing music; I am not passed on to another department, or told the item is out of stock and will take six weeks to ship. My rebuilt Toyota engine arrived quickly and my mechanic was impressed with what he saw. Now we are both impressed by the performance. My old Toyota pick up is like brand new, runs quiet and smooth. The old core was duly picked up and my account re-embursed. Service throughout was beyond belief excellent, meaning it’s always easy to connect immediately and in person. Thank you, George, for an uplifting experience at every level, as I was quite heartbroken when my trusty Toy conked out. I am happy to recommend you in my part of California, and wish you and yours nothing but ongoing success.

Constance Walsh





Could not be better to deal with. Workmanship is “TOP QUALITY”. George has been very helpful and is fast to respond to emails. I recommend Kar King Auto to all my business contacts.


Richard Manett





I would recommend Kar King to everyone! George shipped my rebuilt engine and got it to me in just the time he stated. My mechanic was impressed with the engine. I have only had it in the car for a week but so far it runs fantastic and oh so nice and quiet.

Michael Eayrs



Ordered a rebuilt transmission from Kar King Auto on Ebay as the price was very good and it is a hard to find transmission (1984 nissan 4×4 5speed) and it arrived as described and as quick as one can expect from California to N.Carolina. The shop installing the transmission for me was having a few problems but after a couple calls to George here at Kar King, the problem was solved and the job finished, the transmission shifts smoothly with no noise or grinding. I would buy again from George and guys here at Kar King and have already recommended them to another Nissan owner in need of a transmission. 

Thomas Bryfogle



George, just wanted to let you know that the ’94 Ranger manual transmission I purchased from Kar King in Aug ’12 is now installed and working fine.  Your shipping to Delaware was super quick, the core return was easy and the refund of my core charge was prompt.  All in all, George, I am really pleased that I bit the bullet and ordered the trans over the internet and fortunately I picked your business.  Doing business with you was a pleasure.

Dover, DE




I was deployed to Afghanistan when I purchased my VG30DE from Kar
King. They shipped out the motor to Corner 3 Garage where my 1991
Nissan 300ZX was waiting. My Nissan Master Mechanic said the motor
arrived quickly and looked to be in great condition at first glance.
During the install, my guy said all was going well and the rebuild
that Kar King did was done well. During the install, my guy spoke with
the guys at Kar King about how they did the rebuild and products they
used to show the quality work they put into it. Kar King stood behind
their build every step of the way ensuring that if anything were to go
wrong, (as commonly it could) that Kar King would do whatever it took
to make it right. Nothing went wrong, all was smooth! To me, being so
far away, that stood out to me as showing their confidance and service
AFTER the sale was very high! I have since returned, and picked up my
smooth running 300ZX and started the engine break-in process. Now,
after 3 mo of driving and over 1000 miles on the motor, Everything is
running perfectly! I took the opinion of my Certified Nissan Master
Mechanic saying thay he thought every thing would work out after he
went through the motor before even starting the install. Overall, I am
extemely pleased from the product, and professional service from Kar
King. I know that Ill be referring them to my friends, and will use
them again if one of my other toys needs a new motor. A+


Take care





HI George, I recently ordered a cylinder head for a 2002 mitsubishi eclipse, and I wanted to convey how great the whole experience was. You guys lived up to the reputation that was on the internet forums for sure. Head was of excellent quality, shipping cost was great and it arrived ahead of my expectations. Car is running great!

Again, thanks for the excellent part, and speedy delivery.

James Canon





took my 1994 Ranger Transmission to Kar King to find out that it was the wrong transmission that someone had stuffed into it from an older 4 cylinder truck.They could have reamed me for having the wrong core,but didn’t.I’ve been working on cars my whole life and I know a good shop when I see one.They’re Tops in my book. Thank’s George, ‘Sparrow”.

Tom M.

 Trona, CA




They delivered to my job a rebuilt transmission. Picked up the core 1 week later at my job. Transmission has been in 4 months without any issues. This is definitely a great way to go when a major engine part wears out. I highly recommend this company. They took my credit card over the phone and I had the tranny by 9:00 next morning. Thank you Kar King.

Matt J.

 Bonsall, CA




Purchased Toyota Camry 5SFE long block engine for a 97 Camry just about a year ago. The engine has been perfect with no trouble at all. The motor has about 12,000 miles on it now and still running strong. For the price of the motor and shipping this is really the answer. The salvage yards will charge you either the same or more for a motor that is over 100,000 miles from a salvage vehicle. Why do that when you can have a professionally rebuilt Toyota motor? I will buy again, no question!

Michael B.

 Casselberry, FL




My transmission went out on my 99 RX 300 while I was living in San Francisco. It was more cost-efficient for me to tow my car to Southern California and have the transmission replaced in Ontario! I found the best price with George at Kar King (500$ less than in SF) and I was blown away at how quickly he replaced it. I was expecting to have my car be out of commission for weeks, but it was just a few days! Highly recommended!

Megan P.

 Chicago, IL




My Gf car broke down and we had AAA tow it to Kar King. We needed to have the engine rebuilt. Kar King quoted us for $1500 to rebuild an engine for a 02 Honda Civic LE. That was the best price around and they were nice the whole time. George is also helpful he made sure were taken car of. We just got it back today and it runs just fine only time will tell though. If I ever need some engine or transmission work Kar King will have my business. Thanks George.

Justin S.

 Ontario, CA




Hi George, Just wanted to thank you for the excellent and professional experience with purchasing the rebuilt transmission for my 99 Lexus ES 300. You were so nice throughout the entire process. KarKing is a great company with awesome pricing and very fast delivery from California to North Carolina. The transmission works great!!! And I also had great service with the return of the core and getting my credit for it within a weeks time. Thank you again for excellent service.

Melissa Mountzoures

 North Carolina




My son blew the engine on his 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse and we were told by our local mechanic that a new engine was needed.  I had them research it for me and 4 days later they came back with a $5700 quote!!!  We only paid $4500 for the car so I was debating whether or not to junk the car or go ahead and find another solution.  I started searching the Internet for replacement engines and eventually made it to Kar King’s website.  At first, I was very skeptical because their price for a re-manufactured engine was about half of what USED engines were on other websites.

I started doing a lot of research about 99 Eclipses and some of their inherent engine problems.  I guess there is an issue with “crank walk” and a lot of people suggested doing very complicated engine swaps to address the issue.  Well, after reading on Kar King’s website about their solution to “crank walk”, it appeared that they really knew their stuff.  I called up and spoke to George about my problem and, not only was he very knowledgeable and never once stumbled when asked questions but he quoted me a price that was so good that I couldn’t refuse.

I took a leap of faith and had the car towed 70 miles to Kar King and delivered without ever seeing the place in person!  George finished the car a day earlier than he said he was going to and for the exact money that he quoted.  My son and I drove the 70 miles to pick up his car and I truly expected to pick it up from some greasy stripmall, fly-by-night garage from some mechanic who didn’t speak English.  You know how you sometimes get a pre-conceived idea of what something looks like?  The price was so low that I expected just a nasty place in a nasty neighborhood.

BOY WAS I WRONG!!!  Kar King is a very clean garage in a commercial park right off the freeway.  George was right there to greet me and everything was perfect!!!  The engine ran like a top – and still is after about 400 miles!!!!  No leaks, no greasy fingerprints on the paint, no problems at all!!!  I was given a product and service that was second to none!!  Way, way beyond my expectations!!!!

I, seriously, will never go anywhere else for an engine or transmission replacement…hopefully, I’ll never have to but, I know George is there just in case.  Seriously, he was less than half the price of what my local “chain” mechanic quoted me!!!!

Thanks guys!!!!

D L.

 Woodland Hills, CA




I just wanted to make sure George and all the guys at Kar King Auto received a HUGE SHOUT OUT for a the great experience I had ordering my Son a Refurbished Transmission for his 1995 Jeep Wrangler.  Living in Michigan I was initially concerned with giving my credit card information and paying over the phone, HOWEVER they not only had the LOWEST PRICE on the Transmission with a 90 day bumper to bumper warranty, they paid the return shipping for me to get the Core charge of $150.00 back.  VERY TRUSTWORTHY, the transmission works excellent, and George not only answered all me questions, but responded by email or phone every single time I contacted him.

Great Job Kar King, and for any prospective customers out there reading this, Choose them, and you’ll get top quality customer service and Parts that really work.

Kirt H

Howard City, MI


King is professional, has a clean shop, and a staff that listens to your needs.

My 2nd gen 4G63 had a 110,000 miles on it and threw a bearing out of the oil pan. I called Kar King and spoke with George (owner).

George listened to my concerns about crank-walk and reliability. He provided options that best suited my needs and pocketbook.

Kar King saved me money.

George called to let me know that my clutch was going to need replacing within a few months.

By replacing it then rather than down the road I did not incur labor costs to drop the transmission.

I have driven about 1000 miles on my remanufactured engine and it is running great.

Thank you Kar King for helping me get my car back on the road!!

Jimmy W.

Fullerton, CA


Kar King was honest and reliable. I was stuck with a possible blown transmission in Arizona to weeks ago. I towed the car home to Temecula where a good mechanic said that the transmission was bad. As I researched purchasing a new one, Oreily Auto Parts referred me to Kar King for the rebuild. The cost was great and I like how Jorge handled my call. I towed the car to Kar King where Jorge called me and said that I did not need a new transmission. I am a single Mother and if you can imagine I was so stoked to hear this news. The car needed a transmission cooler. A couple hundred bucks compared to almost 2 thousand, I hung up the phone thinking how honest Jorge was. I would have never known the difference but he said that the care for my car that he suggested was what he would do if it was his car. This company is honest and reliable. I picked up the car today. The car drives great thanks to Jorge and the team at Kar King. I highly recommend this business.

Tiffany C.

Temecula, CA


Took delivery of a Kar King rebuilt Toyota, Camry engine
Wed last, had the car up and running this last Sunday (11/13/2011).
Runs awesome!!!!! We are very  very pleased with their service and product.
I highly recommend Kar King…….thanks again George.

Mitch L.

Norco, CA


Hey George it’s Giuseppe from Woodstock, VA thank you so much for the great engine and transmision you sent me for my 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gst Spyder. The engine drives so strong, and the transmision now shifts great, thanks to you and your crew I now know what a nice car the mitsubishi eclipse really is, because I almost gave up on this car. Thanks to these guys I can drive my car and it didn’t break the bank,when I bought this car my transmision was all messed up and within one week George had it completley rebuilt. And you all know the famous (crankwalk) that occurs on the mitsubishi engines, well leave it up to Karking to have my engine and transmision fully rebuilt perfesionally in less then 2 weeks total. Please if your looking to restore your car like I did, or just get it back on the road call Karking and ask for George he’s a great guy, he will get you set up with the right rebuild and get you going back on the road without breakin the bank,and believe me he built my engine and transmision faster than my mechanic could install them. So you have absolutly nothing to lose and everything to gain with this very perfesional company.Good luck to you guys and may God bless your company for 100 years.
Giuseppe Lubrano


I just wanted to say thank you for the service I received from you guys. I ordered a transmission online (which can always be a crapshoot), and not only did the part arrive early but it was it was exactly as described. My brother installed it, and told me a used transmission would normally cost what I paid for a remanufactored unit from you. I was under promised and over delivered. My brother and I would recomenned Kar King without reservation.

Thank you,

I just want to give George and his mechanics (especially Alex) all the cudos I can. My wifes Sorento blew an engine and I had it towed to a local dealer to get it assessed. They assessed it alright, $6,500 to get it fixed. And that was a rebuilt engine. I got on the internet and luckily got onto the Kar King site and talked to George. He said he could do it for 1/3 of that and that was a new engine he was putting in. He put it in and fixed a few other things at no cost. I am going to be a life long customer of Kar King, they are honest and do what they say they are going to do.

Again thank you George.
Buz McElroy

George and all of his co workers Rock! I just wanted to send a little note to show my appreciation for the hard work that George did for me. I called Kar King auto on 09/29/2008 and told George my problem. I needed a new rear diff for my 2000 Tundra. He told me to give him a little time and he would call me back. While I waited for his call, I called some other companies. Out of about 10 other companies I called with no luck, George calls back and says that he found one in Phoenix and it can be shipped to his place and then he would have a driver drop it off. (at no extra charge) He quoted me a very reasonable price. We did our business with the payment. He said it would be delivered on thurs a.m. I called him on weds and he said that it was already there and if I was going to be home he would deliver it. What Awesome Service! The driver was very helpful and had a very nice attitude and was very pleasant to talk to. He dropped it off and went on his way. When My dad and I started cleaning it up and getting it ready for install, dad noticed that one of the bearings were bad. I called George and he pulled through once again. He found another one and sent it right over. We installed it today on Friday. (with out any problems) I was so impressed with how he made me feel. He didn’t treat me like some dumb chick that doesn’t know what she is doing under the hood. That is how the automotive business should treat people. Thanks a whole bunch. I will definitely recommend Kar King to anyone who needs anything.

Jennifer Archer

I just got my rebuilt Engine installed on my 94 Montero, I like to thank George and all the staff at karKing for the fast service and the quality of the engine I bought from you guys, Other companies will give you a price and look for your engine giving you something that who knows where it comes from. KarKing is a true business and the service is fast. I called George and the attention he put on my order was very satisfying.

Thank you guys.
CM Kansas City

Hi George, this is Dan Wiese. I am speaking on behalf of both myself and Jack, as he ordered his LSD through my account. The buying process was very simple and straightforward and I was happy when the product arrived promptly. Everything was complete in both orders making installation easy. So far I have had very little use of this product as my car has been down for some while, but the time I did use it, it seemed to work wonderfully. The LSD made an incredible difference, especially around the corners. The price was affordable; almost half of what your competitors charge. I will continue to direct people your way any time I do a FWD tranny rebuild or replace a dif. I have no doubts that this product will last the life of the car, and am very happy with how it has worked out. No complaints from me. 🙂

Hi, my name is Natasha Metz. I was having difficulty with a part that I had ordered from another business and was in a bind and needed a new engine. I filled out several parts requests forms online and got an immediate response from www.karking.com. In George’s email to me he stated that he had just what I needed and at a price no one could refuse. I was reluctant at first becuase it was SUCH a GOOD deal! I called him a few days later and closed the deal. I’m glad I did becuase I DID GET A GOOD DEAL and my car runs great! Thanks George!

I want to thank George and his team for making a stressful situation simple to solve. In all my experience that involves this type of industry, I never received as I did in this case extremely courteous, helpful information that made the purchase of a motor for my son’s car easy. All my questions were answered when I first called…communication electronically made it simple…and my order couldn’t have been processed any faster….the engine was in route the next day.

I thank you again and won’t hesitate to use your services again!

Sincerely, Diane Roth

After calling around for pricing on a rebuilt Engine, I found Kar King…. They not only offered the lowest price on the engine, but also quoted a Great Price on the installation that I could not pass up. They were able to get me back into the driver seat in just a few days time.
Thanks Kar King for your quick and courteous service,

Warmest Regards,

Lana Hernandez

I ordered a Mazda 5 speed transmission from Kar king back in november of 2004. I was never so surprised in my entire life. The service was great and the speed of delivery was unreal. We had our truck back on the road in less than 2 weeks. The part was sent from California to Michigan. Also we searched and searched for this part and no one had it, except Kar King. They had just what we were looking for. Everything is Great here in Michigan.My truck is running Great! Thank You George.

Carole L. Clark

When my engine died, it couldn’t have come at a worse time, but KarKing got me a newer model engine and put it in at a great price (and their Internet system of lining up the engine I needed with a complete install worked flawlessly). I had a little oil seal leaking after the first week, but George was right there to take it in and fix the problem promptly. In fact, George has always been tremendously responsive and quick to get back with his customers on any questions or problems. I highly recommend you check out KarKing before you go somewhere else and pay too much for questionable work. I now have a low-mileage engine that runs great, and have my daily commuter back on the road at half the price of a rebuilt engine. Way to go, guys, I’ll certainly send any of my friends out to your shop if they need an engine or transmission.

Timothy Mitchell

At first I was a little wary of buying a car part online, but couldn’t find what I needed locally. I found Kar King online and they had the exact part # I was looking for at a very decent price. Got the part two days later and now my car is running just fine. Kar King saved my car from going to the junk yard

George, Enjoyed doing business with you on my recent purchase of my new 300ZX engine. I saved $400.00 by buying a long block from you versus a short block from other businesses. I don’t understand how you do it but I’m just glad you do. I got the engine installed, stated and everything seems to be great. Professionalism – 5 Stars Communication – 5 Stars Item as described – 5 Stars Shipping – 4 Stars – Road Runner Transportation gave me a different story the few times i called. On the truck, off the truck, missed the truck, delivered, not delivered, be delivered the next day. Would I buy from you again? At this point in time, most definitely. Would I recommend you to other people? At this point in time, most definitely. Overall rating 4.5 out of 5.

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