Rebuilt Engines Proccess

What Kar King does to all rebuilt engines:
complete engine disassembly
(pistons, rings, bearings, timing chains, plugs and other parts are discarded)
thermal and or chemical cleaning
(engine block, cylinder heads, cranks, cams)
engine block crack inspection
(Visual and/or Magnaflux)
crankshaft reconditioning
(Grinding and Micro Polishing)
boring and honing of cylinders
connecting rods are inspected and replaced with new or rebuilt ones as required
block resurfacing as required
assembly to precision OEM Specs
in-house remanufacturing of cylinder heads
(all cylinder heads are pressure tested for crackes and machined resurfaced)

new or remanufactured rocker arm assembly

Parts replaced in all Kar King rebuilt engines:

new main and connecting rod bearings
new pistons and wrist pins
new piston rings
new cam bearings
new timing components
new freeze plugs
new or rebuilt oil pump
gaskets\seals -full set